Health Coaching

What is Health Coaching?

The modern lifestyle, particularly in the busy cities, is characterised by a fast pace, convenience food consumption, sedentary lifestyle, excessive intake of caffeine, alcohol, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs. There is an enormous pressure on men and women to excel at everything they do. Whilst ambition and hard work are great attributes to have, they seem to have taken over the other equally important components that define success and happiness.

Think of balance, harmony, creativity, relaxation, fun, self-awareness, self-development, healthy living and wellbeing.

I have been working in the field of alternative medicine for over 16 years and have successfully helped many people make transformative changes in their life. Whilst I have always been open to working with anyone and at any stage in their life, I noticed that I seemed to attract those who were living life on the fast lane, burning the candle on both ends.

It is tempting to want to try and persuade people to see things from your point of view and endorse your “protocols” but I soon learned that this approach was not the right one. I could share lots of interesting facts about the health benefits of broccoli and fermented foods but could I get people to eat them – that was the question!

I have since made it my mission to take time to discover patiently who is the person I am working with, what life do they desire for themselves, what drives them and how much they are willing to challenge their ways. It is my belief that any amount of positive change however small is a great step in the right direction. I have also learned from my experience of sitting face to face with hundreds of clients over the years, that the potential of each person remains locked like a seed, only able to flourish fruitfully once they are willing to recognise and address step by step their fears, self-doubt and turn their perceived weaknesses into strength.

I decided to train as a health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and infuse the new skills with my existing knowledge. I now offer Health Coaching Programs focusing specifically on Gut Heath and Stress Management.  These are the two common denominators that determine vibrant health.

I choose to support individual living life in the fast lane and help them stay healthy and dynamic whilst they peruse their dreams and hearts desires. The age group of people I work with is 18 – 65. The time frame I work with any client is 3 months. This can be extended to 6 months.

If you would like to work with me request a 30 minutes free consultation.

Investment: £950.00 for a 12 week program with Enrida Kelly.

It may include treatments of colon hydrotherapy and advanced bodywork if deemed necessary.

Supplements that may be recommended are not included in the investment quoted above.