Supporting Mothers

Pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, it really is a big life-long event for women. This is especially true for women who have had infertility experiences.

My aim is to supporting women and their families to enjoy pregnancy, childbirth,

prenatal/postpartum, childcare, parenting, and self-maintenance by a very natural way.

I was originally a biochemist, mainly engaged in the research and development of blood lipid-lowering drugs statin and anti-thrombotic drugs, as well as the regulation of various chemicals and related translation work. But during my real life, I find that traditional Chinese medicine is the best way to manage life healthier, more person-centred, and make people and families more happier and feel harmony.

Suffering infertilities can make people feel depressed, even in an incredibly happy pregnancy, the nine-month progress make people not only excited but also frightened. After a newborn, the fresh face gives mother smiles and happiness, but also strugglings and stress.

I have given birth 3 times, and I really enjoyed the whole progress by this natural way. And now I am most happy about having been able to provide this kind of experience already for new mothers.

Cherish yourself,enjoy life,harmony between human and nature,live happier. Person-centred and all-around heath care for all mothers.

  • Pain management                                      
  • Infertility
  • prenatal/postpartum
  • children ailment                                                        
  • Mental health
  • Facial and beauty
  • Weight loss and detox

I also accept the following private insurance to support you

  • BHSF

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