Rainela Xhemollari

Rainela Xhemollari - Systemic Psychotherapist - MindBody Wellness

Rainela Xhemollari

Rainela Xhemollari, Systemic Psychotherapist (2010), AFT member & UKCP Registered, Qualified Supervisor & Trainer (2018).

This is how Rainela describes the way she works:

“I work with individuals and couples. The aim of the sessions is to guide you to a place where your issues feel resolved, irrelevant or perhaps resolving gradually and that applies to difficulties in relationships.

I encourage and assist individuals to enhance their emotional wellbeing and understanding of what pins the issues they face. More importantly I aim to establish a plan by which the individual maintains the changes they need to make. Systemic Psychotherapist’s approach is based on observing and understanding relational interactions. It also means that I work with how the wider context of life impacts on emotional wellbeing.

If you are an adult needing to access psychological therapy, in me you will find a professional with extensive knowledge of mental health.

If you are a parent struggling with your children’s emotional or behavioural needs, you will find in me an experienced professional who is able to walk with you through different management strategies and find with you the one that fits you and your family.”

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