Kiyo Kahtava

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Kiyo Kahtava

Kiyo is a bilingual of Chinese and Japanese, originally specializing in biochemistry. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Applied Biological Science (B.A.Sc.) from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

After almost 10 years work experience at a chemical company in Tokyo, Kiyo recognised the excellence of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and embarked on a new carrier. Kiyo initially studied birth giving, imagery, cold treatment and safe delivery, aromatherapy, stretching, moxa (moxibustion), reflexology, parent-baby well-being and healing at the Fan Birth House in Tokyo. She has worked for many years with parents and babies and is an experienced children massage therapist.

Kiyo studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in UK at the academy of Chinese Medicine. She is a licensed practitioner registered with The Acupuncture Society. 

Kiyo has also completed various diploma courses in Massage Therapy and the Chinese Internal Medicine Master Course in Hunan University of Chinese Medicine.

Kiyo’s treatment focuses on:

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